The “Ideal”

In case you haven’t realised, its 2017 and well… curves are in.

Last year I’d say it was the year of the booty, I mean, I couldn’t go on Instagram without seeing an inflated booty cheek or two (some real, some not but we won’t get into that right now) and as a curvier girl, I was loving it. But 2017 is definitely the year of the body and I will say that I have been seeing some extraordinary figures in this new year. As the times change of course preferences will too but for now Im enjoying the appreciation of the curvier woman.

However in saying this – what type of curvy is actually the most approved? Unfortunate as it is, plus sized models are not often included in this and I mean the REAL curvy girls, the ones who didn’t need to get a nip or a tuck and were naturally blessed by God to have the bodies that they do like my favourites Ashley Graham and Liris Crosse.


When it comes to Instagram and promotion, I’d say that the most notoriously known promoters are actually those with a more curvaceous figure that come from certain backgrounds. Surprisingly enough with the likes of Black Chyna (12M followers), Amber Rose (14.1M followers), Kim Kardashian (97M followers), Khloe Kardashian (66M followers), Kylie Jenner (90.4M followers), Lira Galore (3.4M followers) and Miracle Watts (1.9M followers) they all come from backgrounds that maybe aren’t the most…. clean cut should I say but they’ve made the best out of some bad situations.

If we look at their followers and link it to the average amount of money they are able  to make out of endorsement deals on Instagram… its one hell of a lot and these brands often do promotion with numerous amounts of celebrities for the same product, so how much are these companies really dishing out in order for US to give the money up?

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 17.59.21.png

Companies tend to pick certain celebrities that look a type of way and do things that the average woman would love to be doing, going to all the best events, having the best hair and makeup, looking great ALL the time and although these women aren’t the most relatable, they are often sometimes the most envied and that in turn adds to the idea that women will be more tempted to buy the products that they are promoting, even if it is just for their own benefit.

But in saying all this, who do you look at for inspiration? Do you prefer the team naturals or the team I-needed-a-little-help? Do you believe in everything these Instagram models are selling?


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