Get your Coin-t!

Instagram as a whole is a place where people not only post their pictures just for fun but also get their money up from the promotion of products amongst other things. Big brands or smaller up and coming companies might reach out to those with a large following and ask for them to put up a picture of them with their products in exchange for free merchandise/products or they might come to an agreement of a money exchange.

Brands such as Protein World, Flat Tummy Tea and Hair Infinity are notoriously known for seeking those with the biggest following platform to promote their products and some people even jokingly say that a person knows they’ve “made it” on Instagram when they’re endorsed by Flat Tummy Tea.



The reality of these Instagram endorsements is that a lot of the time, the general public are literally being force fed these images daily to the point where we may not realise how abnormal it actually is. In the social media world, product placement is everywhere and these “A-list instagrammers” get sent so many products that they might not even be trying these items and might just be reselling and branding them to us as being so amazing and a must buy.

It was previously reported that the FDA had to get involved with a certain Instagram post when Kim Kardashian was promoting a supplement for morning sickness. She actually didn’t include any of the side-effects of the actual supplement, which is a clear-cut requirement and so these pictures were later removed from Instagram as they were very misleading.
 However this is not actually the first time members of the Kardashian clan have been known to do a lot of badly done product placement.


Instagram can’t directly control how sponsorships should be done as there are no direct rules as to how endorsements work, its more so a contractual agreement between the company and promoter themselves but Instagram does have promotion guidelines that I feel like these “A-list instagrammers” should be forced to follow.

Modern day promotion is done online mostly and there is no crime in that. I feel as though its an amazing tool and its very convenient for professional shoppers like myself (lol) as the majority of times when I actually make a purchase, it’ll be online opposed to being physically in a shop. But how is okay that these celebrities and “Instagram famous” people are allowed to make such mistakes? How is “forgetting” to inform people of how many side effects wether they are dangerous or not, okay? Why is there not some sort of punishment?



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