Do it for some Likes: The Obsession with Instagram

In this day and age, image is everything.

Your online presence can make or break you, there are so many people out there that rely on social media to make an impact on the world, wether it be positive or negative, and public image has become something that a lot of us can sometimes be a little TOO much focused on.

With things such as endorsements and ambassador deals, Instagram and other social networking platforms can be used for much more than just a place to show your estranged family members what you’re up too.

Instagram is full of images of the “modern day woman”, this including strong bold eyebrows, vibrant makeup looks, lip fillers, surgically enhanced bodies and hair weaves for days. Constantly seeing such can influence the majority of women in their own images and YouTube tutorials inspired by “Instagram Baddie” looks help to encourage this trend.

People share their whole entire lives on Instagram, you can literally see a persons daily activities just by one post and with the app forever evolving, things such as Instagram live, where people can do live broadcasts that their followers can engage with them and Instagram stories, where people can post pictures and videos up for their followers to see for 24 hours (similar to Snapchat), all this means is that there are new ways for people to get even more addicted.

This new age of “Instagram Baddies” however comes with a new found obsession of filters, editing and extremely high definition pictures. The amount of effort people put into editing their pictures is mind-blowing but in turn doing such attracts more followers which can lead to an influx of endorsement deals. So really, that £5 app download might just be a good idea….

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 15.09.04

Celebrities such as the Kardashian clan treat Instagram as if its a full time job and take it very seriously. Kim Kardashian for one has 96.9 million followers and it only grows as each day goes by. Her Instagram looks somewhat of a professionally handled page with only the best pictures being shown but with her reputation of being a selfie queen, what else could you expect? I mean, she even has a published selfie book.

These days EVERYTHING is posted online and “instagrammed”, you literally can’t go to an event without people whipping out their phones to take pictures of themselves and whatever is in front of them. But is this more of an obsession with the app or an obsession with being envied and “liked” as such? People have been seen to go to the extremes for some likes, to hanging off cliffs, taking naked pictures and even using things such as boiled eggs to apply makeup.

But what are you willing to do for some likes?


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